Polo G debuts two new singles during ‘From The Block’ performance

From 2019-2021, each of Polo G‘s projects during those years saw him reach the forefront of hip-hop for a few weeks, making himself one of the most talked about artists every year. But, since the start 0f 2022, he has been doing his work behind the scenes, having only released one single this year.

It’s unclear what this new chapter of Polo G’s career will look like, and when he will return with a new project. But, this weekend, he made it clear that he is still as sharp as ever. On Saturday (Aug. 15), Polo released his “Diaries Of A Soldier / Luh Da Raq” performance via the 4 Shooters Only YouTube page. This video is the latest in the “From The Block” series from 4 Shooters Only, as they have previously hosted G Herbo, Lil Yachty, BabyTron and others for performances.

Currently, it’s unknown whether or not “Diaries Of A Soldier” or “Luh Da Raq” will be released on DSPs, but each of them are short tracks that convey the trauma and instinct associated with growing up in “Chiraq,” according to Polo.

Recorded on a snowy day in front Chicago’s famous “Bean” sculpture, Polo croons about how he’s “seen everything,” referring to the tragedies and carnage he’s witnessed growing up in adverse conditions. Over the guitar-laced instrumental, Polo touches on his rise through poverty to worldwide acclaim, and how he had to harden his heart to achieve this.

We was so naive, rich schemes, what they sold us

Countdown from three, I put the team on my shoulders

Now these racks up in my jeans, they won’t fold up

Devastation turned me to a fiend, I’m never sober

“Diaries Of A Soldier” — Polo G

The second song “Luh Da Raq,” recorded in front of his grandmother’s apartment building an a sunny Chicago day, shows the more upbeat and aggressive side of Polo. Enthusiastic about his gang ways and the women he encounters, the young G.O.A.T. shows why his lifestyle can bring a rush of adrenaline over a grimy piano beat.

Raised on the block and they taught us to be bad

‘Member back then, saw the opps and beat ass

Now we lettin’ off shots, they feet fast

He loadin’ up his Glock with a ski mask

Excitement and problems, that’s all the streets had

Quick to pass up a thot like Steve Nash

“Luh Da Raq” — Polo G

Seeing Polo’s face and hearing his confident bars is a refreshing sight, considering he has been essentially absent from hip-hop thus far this year. While there is still a lot he has not yet revealed about his future plans, one thing is for sure, he still loves Chicago.

Watch the “Diaries Of A Soldier / Luh Da Raq” performance below!


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