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Polo G confirms upcoming album will drop in first quarter of 2023

Photo courtesy of Polo G

Earlier in the year on Oct. 15, Polo G only needed a five-character tweet to notify his fans that he would soon end his hiatus from releasing music: “I’m otw”

Since then, he has put out two promotional singles for his eventual full-length return. After dropping his Oct. 28 track “Bag Talk,” he followed that up with a “buzzer beater” before the year’s end. On Dec. 9, he released his latest single “My All,” enhanced with a simultaneous Lyrical Lemonade music video.

To help promote the visuals, Polo paid a visit to the ZIAS! YouTube channel, being a guest star for Zias and B. Lou’s latest episode where they react to the Cole Bennet directed video. Along with providing insight to the making of the visuals, Polo gave updates on the studio album he’s currently working on, conforming he is in “album mode.”

First, he spoke about the themes and motivation behind the currently untitled LP, saying it is a return to his purest form as an artist. “This album I connected back to my roots for sure, the sh*t I came in with that I’m most known for,” he said. “The project got primary feelings, there’s some toxic sh*t, love sh*t, some street sh*t, gangster sh*t. Any n***a that’s been through a lot, you gon’ be able to relate.”

Later, he specified that the main producer for most of the tracks is Southside, who not only produced “My All” and “Bag Talk,” but previous Polo tracks like “Distraction” from June and songs from his December 2021 Hall of Fame 2.0 deluxe. “Southside, he’s the primary producer on there,” he said. “Him and his camp.”

As for the album’s features, Polo did not want too reveal too much, but did note that fans should expect the unexpected. “Just know I’m doing it big,” he said. “You’re gonna see with some artists you ain’t never seen me with before. Same genre but we just ain’t never mixed in (together).”

When Zias asked for a release date for the album, Polo could not give an exact date. But, he did figure the wait would not be too long, as it should arrive in the first few months of the new year. “I’m still working sh*t out but first quarter of the year (2023) for sure,” he said.

Polo G spent practically all of 2022 in the background, only putting out a handful of singles. But, it appears he was using that time to craft his next project, which will be his first official album since the summer of 2021.

Watch the new ZIAS! video with Polo G below!

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