Rico Nasty goes digital on her new single ‘Skullflower’

Rico Nasty’s Las Ruinas rollout continues, as her latest single keeps pushing the boundaries of her discography even further.

In preparation for her upcoming album, Rico has been flooding the streets with songs, each one surprising fans with a new direction, delivery or style — fluctuating from soft and sweet to enraged punk with ease.

Skullflower” is a complete deviation from her previous singles, leaning wholeheartedly into Rico’s cartoonish bubblegum trap roots. The atmospheric instrumental consists of a distorted vocal sample, digital beeps and upbeat, danceable drums as her pitched-up vocals resemble those of an anime dub more than a seasoned rapper.

“I only throw a tantrum when I play in my fit

That bitch feeling on me, ’cause she wanna get on me

I’m late to the party, early to the bank

I keep it black, I gotta keep it frank

I’m in a Jeep, it look just like a tank

Keep me a nina, don’t carry a taser

Maison Margiela all over my blazer

Treat her like sororites, we gonna haze her”

Rico Nasty — “Skullflower”

Visuals for the track show the unpredictable rapper dressed in a goth maid outfit as she dances in a sunflower field, complementing the not-so-subtle contrast between her lyrics and the mood of the track.

Previous singles “Vaderz” with Bktherula, “Intrusive” (the project’s intro) and, most recently, “Black Punk” have all showcased the many faces of Rico Nasty as she gets ready to drop Las Ruinas (meaning “the ruins” in Spanish). Despite each being completely different, “Skullflower” is potentially the first track where she calms things down a little, switching the energy from pissed off to mischievous.

Rico calls her next album her “most experimental and vulnerable body of work yet,” inspiring confidence that July 22 will bring us a memorable project to add to her discography.

Check out “Skullflower” by Rico Nasty below!

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