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Rico Nasty drops new punk-inspired mixtape ‘Las Ruinas’

Coming into 2022, it was hard to imagine Rico Nasty becoming more brash and edgy than she already was.

On prior mixtapes like 2018’s Nasty and 2019’s collaborative effort with Kenny Beats, Anger Management, Rico balanced her momentary, glossy bops with angsty, cutthroat bangers like “Big T*****s,” “Hatin,” “Rage” and “B*tch I’m Nasty.”

Her 2020 debut album Nightmare Vacation followed suit, as she mixed melodic with the maniacal — exemplifying her patented, self-described “sugar trap” sub-genre. Now, after abstaining from releasing a project for a year and a half, Nasty is back.

On (Friday) July 22, Rico released her brand new, 17-song mixtape Las Ruinas, her first full-length release in a year and a half. Featuring BKTHERULA, Teezo Touchdown and more, Rico described the record as her “most experimental and vulnerable body of work yet.”

In accordance with that mission statement, Rico’s final promotional single “Blow Me” arrived four days before the album on Monday (July 18). Over the minimalistic rap production with trap drums, Rico’s whispered, yet menacing vocals set an intimidating vibe of disapproval for her enemies and admirers.

You a broke a n***a then I can’t go

Nails so long, n***a I can’t roll

Yeah you wanna fuck, but I call him bro


Talk sick shit

You gon’ have to show me

You gon’ have to show me

You gon’ have to blow me

“Blow Me” — Rico Nasty

The simplistic music video of Rico strutting on a treadmill while rotating her punk-inspired outfits coincides perfectly with the atmosphere of the track.

Just a week before the project was set to arrive on July 15, Rico gave fans an even clearer picture of what they could expect. She revealed the track list for Las Ruinas, including features from Marshmello, Teezo Touchdown and another Bktherula appearance aside from “Vaderz,” as well as the “Rico Nasty Remix” of Fred again…‘s hit “Jungle,” which came out on July 12.

The first three songs on the tape consist of her first three promotional singles, which are the aforementioned “Vaderz” with BK, “Intrusive” and “Black Punk.” Additionally, the 12th song is her fourth pre-released single “Skullflower” (July 12), as Las Ruinas consists of mostly electronic, rage-filled and punk-inspired themes and production.

The black-and-white cover art for Las Ruinas coincides mostly with the imagery associated with “Black Punk,” which is a pretty self-explanatory motive behind the project.

After spending nearly the entire summer rolling out her highly anticipated project, the full serving is finally here.

Check out Rico Nasty’s new mixtape ‘Las Ruinas’ below!