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Shitty Boyz drop lead single for upcoming project ‘Trifecta 2’

Detroit rapper BabyTron has been a refreshing sensation as he collects viral moments on his way to superstardom, now bringing his fellow Shitty Boyz along for the ride with a brand-new project.

Riding off the success of their ever-growing movement, TrDee and StanWill join Tron for their new single “Slam Dunk Contestants,” kicking off the rollout for their new project Trifecta 2.

Tron, Dee and Stan waste no time on the two-and-a-half minute track, dropping bar after bar of clever punchlines as they trade off verses over a luxurious instrumental. As BabyTron makes a name for himself, the timing is perfect for the rest of the Shitty Boyz come up with their forthcoming record.

“Okay, life likе a toilet, they be pissеd ’cause I shit on ’em

I beat done picked his ass off, you can’t pick on ’em

Mike Amiri tripping, he got way too many rips on ’em

Used to brick a lot, now every shot I take a swish only

StanWill — “Slam Dunk Contestants”

The first installment of the trio’s Trifecta series dropped back in February, blessing early fans with 22 tracks of pure, unfiltered scam-rap. Following their success as a group, BabyTron has continued pushing their sound to the mainstream — most recently being included on XXL’s 2022 Freshman List alongside some of our fan-favorite newcomers after his appearance on Cole Bennett’s Lyrical Lemonade channel.

Prepare for the release of Trifecta 2 on Aug. 5 by familiarizing yourself with Detroit’s hottest trio. It’s about to be Shitty Boyz summer.

Check out ‘Slam Dunk Contestants” by the Shitty Boyz below!

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