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TM88, Pi’erre Bourne connect on collab album ‘YO!88’

The collaborative album between two of hip-hops most prominent producers has arrived at last. 

Both TM88 and Pi’erre Bourne have some of the most astounding resumes in all of hip-hop — making it only right for the two icons to team up for YO!88. The project has been in the works for quite some time now — having been discussed and teased in interviews for year, including TM88’s recent interview with OGM

Prior to the album’s release, the duo shared their lead single off YO!88 in “Block Boy” last weekend (Dec. 3). On the eve of YO!88‘s release, TM88 and Pi’erre Bourne delivered visuals for an unreleased song off the project titled “Pop Out.

YO!88 contains 11 cuts of both incredible production and elite rapping, as Pi’erre effortlessly bolsters his musical versatility as a producer and rapper. However, Pi’erre isn’t the only artist found rapping on the album, as fans find special guest appearances on “Chit Chat” with Taylor Gang CEO Wiz Khalifa and “Richer Dreams” with Yung Nudy.

Ultimately, Both Bourne and TM88 flawlessly compliment each other — bringing their own unique style to each track. With so much knowledge and expertise from each producer, it comes at no surprise that YO!88 turned out as enjoyable as it is.

Be sure to checkout the masterpiece that is ‘YO!88’ below!

TM88, Pi’erre Bourne announce upcoming album ‘Yo!88’ with lead single ‘Block Boy’

Newfound rap duo TM88 and Pi’erre Bourne not only connected on their new collab “Block Boy” this past weekend but also further defined their presence as two of the most influential producers of our generation.

Staying busy in the booth throughout his career, Pi’erre continued to prove doubters wrong when he shared the fifth installment of his beloved album series The Life Of Pi’erre 5 earlier this year — garnering high praise from both fans and critics alike. TLOP5 consists of 16 songs and holds powerhouse features from Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti — who Bourne co-pioneered his signature sound with on Carti’s self-titled debut project.

Pierre Bourne doesn’t need ‘Practice’ on ‘TLOP5’

TM88’s claim to fame is not only in producing Uzi’s culture-shifting mega-hit “XO TOUR Llif3,” but also having a hand in one of the biggest songs of the year: Drake’sWay 2 Sexy.” As both producers tout past works with the industry’s best and brightest, Pi’erre and TM88 have more than enough star power to bring to the table on their upcoming collab project.

YO!88 will be Bourne’s second collaboration tape this year — previously linking up with newcomer Sharc on 47 Meters Down — as the premier producers announced their joint mixtape will release on Dec. 10. Set as the project’s lead single, YO!88 will consist of 11 songs and features Wiz Khalifa and Yung Nudy.

While Pi’erre continues building a legendary resume as a producer, he also boasts some serious lyrical chops. Earning the respect he deserves stemming from TLOP5’s reception, Bourne reaches back into his rap bag on “Block Boy” — complementing a plethora of bombastic keys, sultry horns and even a cascading mix of claps and snares. Both producers offer unique sounds to “Block Boy’s” production, as Bourne spits about loyalty, the wave he’s pioneered and never “switching up” on those closest to him.

Keep some Soss on the side

Diamonds hitting like a rainbow

Diamonds hit like pride, run it up Usain Bolt

Getting money, I strive

Ride my wave like a Speedboat

Niggas still switching sides, yeah

I’d never switch on my guys

Pi’erre Bourne — “Block Boy” (chorus)

YO!88 could quite possibly have the best production value of any album at the end of 2021, given the skillset and talent of both TM88 and Pi’erre Bourne from a producer perspective. As fans patiently wait for YO!88 to arrive Dec. 10, definitely tap in to their latest single before their collab tape hits DSPs.

Stream “Block Boy” below!