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Nobody is on TyFontaine’s ‘Level’

TyFontaine season is in full swing. Following his second independent project Beautiful Michi Girls released back in May, Ty has been “all gas, no brakes” in 2022.

In the past week, Ty dropped off two singles, bringing “By Myself” to streaming platforms and a surprise YouTube exclusive “When The Lights Go Out.” Just a day after its release, the DMV star blessed fans with another official release in “My Level” (June 22).

As the cover art for the track displays a photo of Ty showing his support for Young Stoner Life, rocking a “Free Young Thug” t-shirt, he effortlessly showcases why he remains on a level unmatched by his peers.

“My Level” sits at just over three minutes long and through the entirety of the track, Ty graciously flaunts his rapping abilities and vocal range over jazzy piano flourishes and a heavy-hitting instrumental filled with background vocals, synths and bouncy 808s. In the last 30 seconds of the track, Ty switches things up altogether — creating a chopped-and-screwed rendition of the track, calmly rapping sing-rapping over the deconstructed production.

If these new releases indicate a new era ofr “mixtape Ty,” Fontaine is back on his grind and isn’t holding back. Keep a close eye on the underground prodigy as he leaps into what is sure to be an exciting new era.

Listen to “My Level” below!

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