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Veeze kicks off ‘23 opening weekend with a tribute ‘4 Kobe’

Fresh off a rare interview appearance with OGM, Veeze is starting off the year with the release of a rare new single and music video, “4 Kobe.”

Veeze is one of the most essential and mysterious players in the explosion of Detroit’s gritty rap scene over the last few years. As he continues to tease his long-awaited project Ganger, he decided to jumpstart ‘23 with a one-of-a-kind tribute to a fallen legend on “4 Kobe.”

The “4 Kobe” music video (directed by Shooter Jimmy) pays homage to the fallen legend with an opening shot from Kobe’s legendary Game 4 takeover against the Pacers in 2000 — interspersed with clips of Veeze doing typical Veeze things: Rocking designer at the gas station, pouring up in the studio and rubbing shoulders with the most elite of the elite.

The song itself is built around an unusually understated beat from Rocaine, whose hard-hitting dark and gritty signature production is synonymous with the increasingly popular Detroit sound. The spacey instrumental is the perfect backdrop for Veeze’s unique and self-described moody delivery — who somehow manages to sound barely awake while weaving together intensely original and often hilarious bars like: “Caught me stickin’ my tongue inside the pint, it looks perverse.”

In his recent interview with OGM’s Hakeem Rowe, Veeze came with quotables as always, like when he admitted that he’s “just been really half-assing it so far.” In what he claims will be his last interview until 2026, Veeze shed some light on his Detroit origins, dropped his blunt in hilarious fashion and shared some simple yet profound gems on how he evaluates artists’ potential.

“I don’t know how other people look at it, but some artists to me is just a burnout artist. And some artists look like they got the stuff to last a long time. I be feeling like it’s easy to see.”

Veeze to OGM

He also discussed his mysterious behind-the-scenes connections, from hometown favorites like Babyface Ray and Peezy, to some of the biggest rappers in the game including Future, Lil Yachty, LUCKI, and Lil Baby — who helped Veeze earn his first Billboard Chart in 2022 with “U-Digg” alongside fellow Detroit-native 42 Dugg.

Exactly when we will see the long-awaited Ganger project is anyone’s guess. But one thing’s for certain, if we’ve only seen “half-assed” Veeze so far, fans of the polarzing new Detroit legend are in for a treat in 2023.

Watch Veeze’s “4 Kobe” below

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