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Yung Fazo drops long-awaited track ‘Oh My’

It seems like just yesterday TikTok’s for you page was flooded with Yung Fazo’s 2022 viral hit “ttwlg“. Now, the New York native is back again dropping his most recent track to take over the platform, “Oh My” — which can be found only on SoundCloud.

After releasing his album, me vs me, back in November 2022, Fazo has been able to stay red hot since — even striking a label deal with Capitol Records recently. At only 17 years old, Fazo has become known as one of the top dogs in the new wave of underground artists by way of his ethereal sonica and addicting melodies.

“Oh My” highlights a fresher sound that Fazo has tapping into recently, with hints of a similar cadence and vocal inflections that can be heard in tracks like “ttwlg” and “steal da swag.” He flows over an upbeat instrumental with video game-like synths produced by Allen Core. Fazo is able to perfectly balance the energy brought by Core’s production with a simplistic yet memorable chorus that will have fans coming back more.

Jmoney and 88lamimmusic directed the official music video for “Oh My” — which features shots of Fazo rocking out to the track in a parking garage and empty lots. Flickering transitions with slow-motion effects catch Fazo at every angle with each frame lasting no longer than five seconds.

Recently, Fazo announced he will be going on tana’s four-stop “Gaultier Live” tour alongside jaydes. With an upcoming tour in the books and a certified banger out of “Oh My,” Yung Fazo is already putting on the pressure early into 2023.

Listen to “Oh My” below!

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