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Yung Fazo is emotively transparent on debut album ‘me vs me’

Yung Fazo has been rocking the underground for a while now. With plenty of characteristic hits in his discography and an arsenal of contemporaries that he collaborates with, the 17-year-old New York native has capitalized on his talent at a quicker rate than most.

He takes the rapid 808s and subsequently fast flows that’ve been popular in the revitalized SoundCloud scene and refines them, exuding an eclectically varied style that the most seasoned of underground veterans can really latch onto. After proving himself with hits like “ttwlg (this the way life goes),” “Wesson” with Raeusi and the mega-viral “Adding” featuring SoFaygo, Yung Fazo is ready to unleash his debut album under UMG.

In a week where artists have been shifting their album releases to avoid the drop of Her Loss with a week-long stick, Yung Fazo didn’t hesitate to throw his work into the mix, and it’s already standing out. me vs me is an sonically implosive piece of work, filled with Yung Fazo’s unyielding versatility and rampant energy that truly overload the senses in the best ways imaginable. This versatility ranges from R&B flows to Final Fantasy-esque samples that flutter throughout the project, with that diversified appreciation not lost on the young artist — something that he detailed in an interview with OGM.

“Most of my music is considered “rage.” But not everything, I make a bit of everything. RnB, plugg music… I love Bryson [Tiller]… It’s only now when I actually make music I can really register and appreciate that.”

Yung Fazo

The intro track “new me” resembles a theatrical trailer for the album more so than an introduction, with synthesized horns and melodic flows dynamically building upon each other in symphonic fashion. Once things kick off, they never really slow down, as “she say!” with Tana gets damn close to reaching their heights found on Tana’s “Antisocial 2.”

The two young contemporaries lend into each other’s shared characteristics and higher-pitched tone to create a dynamically intertwined sound that will surely transcend listeners. Whether Yung Fazo is finding new ways to describe how high he is or is ruminating over a lost love, his stamina for keeping up with his kinetically rapid production is as impressive to see as it is satisfying to hear.

This jam-packed, fast-paced nature not only fits into each song, but throughout the entire tape. You’ll hear an enigmatically pulsating, ethereal beat that Fazo rides with ease, and then you’re onto the next one. The youthful rage persists as well, especially apparent on the hyper-pop-infused “steal da swag” and the pluggnb-backed “ttwlg 2” with Raeusi. The sequencing on here shines bright, with “ttwlg 2” flawlessly leading into the similarily wavy and pluggnb-inspired “honest,” then seamlessly landing into the lap of the album’s outro track, “relocate.”

This one is special. I thought the theatrical introduction might’ve just been a creative one-off for Yung Fazo, but he ends the final track with an emotional outcry, hammering in the thematic waves of love and temptation with conviction and vigor and screaming out the words he’s been wanting to say this whole time.

Yung Fazo clearly has a lot on his mind, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of his infectious approach towards hyper-trap, hopefully layering upon his emotive themes and personality in the process.

Listen to “me vs me” below!