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#SpotifyWrapped takes over timelines, the culture wears music on its sleeve

‘Tis the season of listening. With fans hastily opening their Spotify Wrappeds and sliding through their Apple Music Replays this week, music is the gift that keeps on giving as we play out 2022.

By far one of the best years music has experienced in nearly a decade, end of year recaps are triumphantly underway — with both powerhouse streaming platforms rolling out its annual EOY user and artist lists.

While emcees like Drake continue to dominate Top 5’s across the globe — earning Spotify’s most streamed artist for the fourth time this decade — others are wishing well to their future and their fanbases regardless of their year-end output.

Showing love to the people that have helped them launch their careers, build their sound or aid in their ascent, new wave stars like Eem Triplin, redveil, Skaiwater, KA$HDAMI and plenty others made sure to let their fans know they’re heard as much as they’re listened to.

Wrapped and Replay have become a hotbed of conversation, inclusion and comparison for music lovers since its inception in 2016. Social timelines are flooded with graphics for everyone’s respective lists, as more underground voices rise into the top spots every year. Among these artists, LUCKI, Destroy Lonely, Dro Kenji, Ken Carson and Yeat were a few of the new wave’s top dogs — each accumulating well over 100 Million streams on Spotify. As for Apple Music, well… it’s Wrapped’s time to shine today.

However, Replay did make a huge update to its user experience — crafting a song-clad slideshow of your favorite artists, songs, total minutes and plays you accumulated throughout the year as well as a ‘22 Replay playlist. Spotify’s Wrapped section on the home page of the platform is filled with fresh-pressed curation — packed with the best music 2022 had to offer.

There’s “Fresh Finds” for every genre, so enjoy the day re-listening to your favorite tracks and maybe you’ll fall back in love with a few gems that you forgot about.

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