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Iann Dior plays the ‘saddest soundtrack’ on new pop-punk cut

Iann Dior’s ascension to pop superstardom seemed to be in the cards from the very start.

It’s been a gradual climb to the top for the Internet Money-bred emo-crooner, who saw tracks like “Strings” with Gunna, “Gone Girl” with Trippie Redd and “In Too Deep” off 2019’s Industry Plant launch him into mainstream popularity. Since then, the 10K Projects mainstay is on to better things as his latest album suggests — focusing more on the love-torn, guitar-heavy pockets of his sound more than ever before.

Following multiple collaborations with MGK and Travis Barker, the “Live Fast Die Numb” singer-rapper returns with another heartbreak anthem — sending you the “saddest soundtrack” imaginable.

While Dior hasn’t left his roots in rap completely behind — flexing his lyrical chops on past tracks like “heartbreak3r,” “Dior Chain,” “options,” “Prospect” among others — “saddest soundtrack” sounds exactly as advertised. Backed by a Kings of Leon-esque guitar progression and thumping dance-pop drums, Dior keeps “falling in and out of love / Turned me to the drugs” as he puts refined focus on “turning up this song just to drown you out.”

Often, I feel like a ghost ’cause you haunted

Every single place that I walk in, I proceed with caution

Block you out, but I still hear you talkin’

I know when you hear this song, you’ll be callin’”

Iann Dior — “saddest soundtrack”

Attempting to numb his broken heart, Dior’s sugary harmonies on the hook emit the emptiness he feels calling out to an unresponsive lover. While the track is both reflective and nostalgic, Dior lives in the moment looking back on his past with a former flame, singing: “So, I’m sending you the saddest soundtrack / No, you won’t call back.”

Dior continues to exude tattered yet honest songwriting on his third single of 2022 — drawing back on the personal plights and internal struggles he revealed on “I Find It Hard.” Presumably gearing up for his next record — which is rumored to be the sequel to his 2019 debut, nothings ever good enoughmuch more is in store for Dior as continues to pluck heart strings ahead of his next LP.

Listen to “saddest soundtrack” below!

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