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Kenny Mason stuns on dynamic ‘6’ EP

“I beat the high score with my eyes closed / Now I’m just doing side quests,” Kenny Mason spits on “DARKSIDE” — not only proving to be a personification of his pen, but a testament to how far he’s come. While Atlanta’s new wave is littered with generational talents, Destroy Lonely, Ken Carson, Tony Shhnow to name a few, Mason continues to seperate himself from the pack on his latest EP, 6 (June 6).

Servicing as a continuation record of his March project 3, the Atlanta hitmaker is fully unbound and unleashed. Sharing six stunning tracks, Mason infuses his brooding brand of guitar-heavy grunge-rap with gorgeous sample choices that sound expensive and are undeniably emotional, but remain quintessentially Kenny (keeping ties to his homegrown cult classic “SHELL”).

Able to curate a vibe inimitable from the game, sample-laden production courtesy of led by frequent collaborator Coupe (who contributed a slew of tracks on Young Nudy’s GUMBO) seems to be Kenny’s sweet spot when he’s not singing hard rock ballads from the heart. With additional production from Poison Thorn and Prince85, Mason’s ability to tap in and out of fleeting hooks and heavy verses is more dynamic when dark, distorted guitars meet uplifting chopped melodies on “RICH” and “DRACULA” — the project’s lead single that further accentuated the strength of producer-rapper tandem. However “RICH” has become the undisputed hit off the EP, sharing the lavish visual on Thursday (June 22) — waking up from a dream that’s become a reality for the 6 enigma.

“I’m a Dracula with platinum teeth,” he flows with ferocity, as Mason’s vocal prowess is more evident on the droning, iridescently-produced “I GOT” and stripped-back ballad “SIDE II SIDE” — which sees Kenny tap back into sounds found on Angelic Hoodrat highlights like “Handles” and “Anti-Gravity.” Percussionless and crafted to evoke a sense of longing, “SIDE II SIDE” is Mason’s most contemplative, emotional track to date. “Did you hold your weight? / Were you overwhelmed? / Did you have to change into someone else?”, he drawls over a slow-burning, menacing plucked lead, as the Project Pat-assisted outro “STACK IT UP” sees Kenny twist his vocals within pitched lines about stacking bread “with no strap” — illustrating that the streets have no hold over him or the Memphis legend.

Known for his ability to intertwine emotive sung hooks into bar-heavy bangers, 6 feels more important for Mason at this stage of his growth — finally earning the underground recognition he’s deserved since Angelic’s release in 2020. The inclusion of 3 cuts in “100 Or Nun” with Tony Shhnow, “AVATAR” and his blitzing rock-fusion “Back Home” — which has earned immense praise from a slew of accredited voices online — rounds out the project fully. And yet, it seems there’s more to come from Mason in 2023.

The 27-year-old star has forged an impressive year thus far, ceasing to slow down since his last official project, RUFFS, in September 2022. Stringing together singles in “THINK ABOUT IT,” “SPIRITUAL” as well as an immersive VHS-style visual for “Back Home” prior to 6, the music video for “DRACULA” seemingly picked up where “Back Home” left off — showcasing Kenny in the trap in between quick cuts of a vampire baddie.

With 3 in dropping March and 6 in June, fans can expect another pack, titled 9, presumably in September according to Mason himself — making for 18 total tracks in this year-long trilogy. Until then, 6 is everything pups could have asked for from the top dog.

9 on Sept. 9 seems like the next step for Mason.

Listen to ‘6’ below!

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