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Kenny Mason surprises with a ‘**SPIRITUAL**’ offering

Kenny Mason’s breadth of musical pockets seem limitless at this point.

From rock bangers like the anthemic “Back Home,” lyrical barrages like “SHELL” and rage-inducing tracks like “STICK” and “AVATAR,” the Atlanta enigma continues to expand his versatile skillset, floating over another Coupe-produced cut “**SPIRITUAL**”.

Released exclusively on SoundCloud and YouTube (May 10), Mason’s unbound approach to rap gets more interesting and edgy with each new effort. Shimmering with a contemplative, magical melody that sounds straight out of a fairy tale, Mason is HIM as he skates over the vibey trap percussion with braggadocious bars to match. Teen Titan lines overlap the looped money spread in the track’s visual, as the barely two-minute long cut is just another taste of what’s to come. “Another drop for the pups,” he said on Instagram.

“I’m from da land where teens tote

tighten(titan) up or get free smoke

Imma star wit dat fire

I stay in beast mode n***s robin in each zone”

Kenny Mason – “**SPIRITUAL**”

Mason’s fed fans all year long with a slew of archived songs, especially on his superpuppyboy account on SoundCloud. Tracks like “THINK ABOUT IT,” pr3, “//3//ASC3ND” and more have ushered in his latest EP, 3, which features the aforementioned “Back Home” and the infectious “100 Or Nun” with Tony Shhnow. Mason’s rapid releases all stem from his rock-rap fusion tape, RUFFS, last year, revealing that new tunes were imminent when we spoke with him in Chicago.

“I’m about to drop more music. I just want to keep going, I really don’t want to get off the wave [I’ve created]. I don’t want to check the scoreboard, I just want to keep winning regardless of it,” he said. “Singles are coming next, but shit I might do a RUFFS 2. I don’t know yet, but just know more is coming.”

Midway through the year and Mason already has it — and the underground — in the palm of his hand.

Watch “**SPIRITUAL**” below!

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