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Teezo Touchdown clocks out at ‘5 PM’ on triumphant single

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?”

If you haven’t been paying attention to Teezo Touchdown as of late, “don’t worry, you’re still early.”

Crafting an engaging, choose-your-own destiny style rollout for fans ahead his long-awaited debut album, the Texas alt-rapper followed up the unnamed record’s lead single “Familiarity” with its second track, “5 O’Clock,” on Friday (April 28).

At the start of Teezo’s story, his father presented him with an ultimatum: “Get a job or get out my house.” Taking fans back to 2018, the start of Teezo’s pursuit of a music career, his interactive experience gave fans the choice to choose his place of employment: the Plant or the Store.

Votes were tallied via Twitter and Instagram, and Teezo applied to the Store — taking fans through his interview process, his first day and has incorporated “behind-the-scenes” skits of his experience at work. Like he sings on “Familiarity,” Teezo knows that he’s a superstar, but for now, he’s stuck unclogging toilets and cleaning glass. It’s not only immersive, but reasserts Teezo’s allure as a complete deviation of the “rapper” archetype, being — artistically and personally — so much more.

His story continued with early struggles on his first day of work, asking fans if he should quit his job or “stay down” ahead of “5 O’Clock,” which highlights Teezo’s rap chops more than anything. “5 O’Clock,” produced by Working On Dying’s Oogiemane and Kimchi, is a “bop that bops” in all facets. “8 in the morning, I’m awaken by the birdies / 9 o’clock, on the dot, pray and brush my pearlys,” he charismatically spits over deep 808s, sounding as if traces of his 2020 single “CAREFUL” and Tyler, The Creator’s “RUN IT UP” meshed together.

With triumphant horns and a heavy-hitting bounce (courtesy of Oogiemane), Teezo takes us through each timestamp of his day — shifting sonics midway through as the clocks hit 5 p.m. Morphing into a fleeting cloud rap anthem (prod. by Kimchi) in the middle of a traffic jam, it feels like a Teezo “Top 10” moment, belting “It’s 5 O’Clock, on the dot, bops gon’ bop, tops gon’ drop,” creating an instantly memorable hook that leaves us singing along.

Teezo shines in the visual extensions of his music, as “5 O’Clock” is no different. Showing a day in the life of superstar Teezo, pulling up to radio shows, interviews, living in a luxurious mansion — what he’s achieved now so to speak — everything comes crashing down when the final shot shoots Teezo back to reality, cleaning the tornado bathroom of the Store speaking his dreams aloud.

While known as an alt-rap-rock multihyphenate, Teezo rarely raps, taking — and adding — a left-of-center approach to every sound he touches. Whether it’s on Don Toliver’s “Luckily I’m Having” or Lil Yachty’s “the ride,” he’s proven time after time that he can assimilate to any genre. On “5 O’Clock,” though, he flips the script, reasserting his one-of-one skillset to shapeshift within a braggagadocious, atmospheric trap beat — letting his bars do more of the heavy lifting.

It’s hard to believe Teezo has amassed such a cult following with no proper project, yet it’s a testament to his grassroots come-up — a major theme of this elaborate rollout. With “Familarity,” “Handyman” (2022) and “I’m Just A Fan” (2021) all donning his signature post-it artwork, expect this upcoming Teezo project to stick for years to come, even if he’s “not famous yet.”

Listen to “5 O’Clock” below!

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