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Teezo Touchdown embraces his come-up on ‘Familiarity’

The Beaumont-bred enigma returns with an inspirational single and visual.

“God I hate Mondays,” Teezo Touchdown scats on his first solo track of 2023, taking the first step toward his long-awaited debut on a Monday nonetheless (April 3).

The Texas native’s new single “Familiarity” details a story all too familiar, yet specific to Teezo’s come-up. Caught between two forces — his father and his artistic aspirations — Teezo takes fans back to 2018 where he initially made the choice to pursue a career in music. Embarking on an “ongoing interactive adventure,” Teezo is putting the power in the palms of fans’ hands ahead of a new project.

Igniting a social campaign centered around the job his father wants him to take on, Teezo is one of the only artists in recent memory to craft an interactive experience surrounding a full-fledged solo push. Prior to the release of “Familiarity,” fans had the option to choose where Teezo should work by commenting “THE PLANT” or “THE STORE” on his social media. He details the context of his latest effort in an Instagram highlight labeled “START HERE.”

“Choices are powerful,” he wrote on a post-it note covered with photos from 2018. “Every choice I made got me to where I’m at today.” He even went on live to discuss these choices with fans Sunday night (April 2), as his Instagram feed only features posts prior to his rise to stardom.

The alt-rap rocker has long been known for his eclectic short-form videos as well as his knack for world-building in visuals like “Strong Friend,” “Mid” and “SUCKA.” “Familiarity” is an homage to the start of Teezo’s journey all in anticipation of his first full-length album. The track feels as if Prince was reincarnated, as Teezo effortlessly combines rock guitar riffs with unmatched charisma. “I know that I’m a superstar but no one’s looking up,” he croons on the bridge, instilling belief that he’s doing right regardless of who doubts him.

Personality is Teezo’s strong suit, inimitable from our generation’s soundscape on every level. Since landing on Tyler, The Creator’s CMIYGL highlight “RUNITUP” in 2021, Teezo has appeared on blockbuster albums for Don Toliver (“Luckily I’m Having”), WESTSIDE BOOGIE (“Can’t Get Over You”), Rico Nasty and Lil Yachty (“The Ride”). Teezo’s last solo efforts, “I’m Just A Fan” (Sept. 2021) and “Handyman” (Feb. 2022), led to his contribution on Pigeons & Planes compilation album See You Next Year (“Roses”) last August. It remains to be seen if either track will wind up on a larger body of work.

When it comes to an artist as creative and malleable as Teezo Touchdown, there’s no limit to what he can achieve. He spoke on his forthcoming moves in our OGM exclusive last year, saying at the time he was still “figuring out” the direction of his first full-length project. Now with “Familiarity” ringing in his return, the real fun can begin.

Watch “Familiarity” below!

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