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TyFontaine shares two tracks in one day: ‘b4 The Cløut,’ ‘Good T¡mes’

DMV sensation TyFontaine has been on a kill streak of bangers following his second independent album Beautiful Michi Girls. While the LP was released back in May, Fontaine’s relentless releases have brought forth a handful of fiery tracks in recent weeks.

Bringing “By MySelf,” “My Level” and “When The Lights Go Out” to the limelight in June, the new wave hitmaker shared not one, but two tracks on Wednesday (July 6). Dropping “Good T¡mes” and “b4 The Cløut” — which came with a coinciding visual directed by Fontaine’s right hand man ANTI — it’s truly tunnel vision for Michi from here on out.

Taking the Twitter to tease his next album A2 — presumably a sequel to his debut independent LP AscensionFontaine said that the record is going to “take time,” but has much more coming before then. Set to embark on his “Beautiful Ascension Tour” this weekend, Fontaine continues to ascend to new heights with each passing effort.

“Good T¡mes” sees Fontaine revert back to his eccentric pop-laced sound — utilizing his immaculate, high-pitched singing to create an immediate vibe for the summer. “I can tell you where the good times are at, and that’s fine,” he croons, floating over the airy, synth-infused beat that just depicts a summertime drive as the sun sets warmly in the distance.

“b4 the cløut” drips with swagger from start to finish, as Fontaine showcases his versatility in yet another YouTube exclusive. “I ain’t check my statement in months, I ain’t even know the amount,” he swoonly sing-raps — wholeheartedly bodying the atmospheric pluggnb cut with ease. The visual is equally as laidback, displaying Ty laying up and walking around his home as he effortlessly glides over “b4 the cløut’s” euphoric soundscape.

As the High Tide head honcho makes strides to become one of our generation’s most celebrated artists, Fontaine’s natural talent and unstoppable output are setting him up for greater success down the line.

Watch “b4 The Cløut” below!

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