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TyFontaine shares new mixtape ‘Black Truck Life’ featuring Highway

Versatility is TyFontaine’s M.O. Jumping from spacey alt-rap bangers to salacious HNDRXX-esque R&B, the DMV hitmaker continues to expand his sound with another holdover tape ahead of Ascension 2.

Sharing his new 10-track mixtape, Black Truck Life, on Friday (April 21), Fontaine’s streaking into his next era at full steam. Highlights like the Jersey Club, classic-sampled “The Sky Is Falling” is an immediate hit — backed by thumping club-kicks that reassert Ty’s pocket as a limitless hitmaker.

“You’re the last thing I want to see when the sky is falling down,” Ty croons, interpolating Jay Sean’s legendary hook on “Down” fleshed in the background. The trap-club mash-up sees a switch-up just 45 seconds in, as Ty’s vocals transcend the majorly euphoric beat with perfect East Coast snaps and sound effects.

Tapping Victor Victor enigma Highway on “Where I’d B,” the pair’s chemistry is prevalent on back-to-back verses, as the themes within BTL sound more carefree and fun than focused on a single narrative. Nevertheless, other striking cuts like “Heart Break Hotel,” “CITY OF ANGELS / Vinny Chase” and “The ComeDown” provide greater insight into the direction of Ty’s sound, feeling more grandiose, methodical and euphoric than ever before.

Speaking with us last month prior to the release of A2’s lead single “Studio Junkie,” the DMV hitmaker detailed how he’s “starting to really digest these last three years” — figuring out his next steps in life since moving back to his hometown from Los Angeles. He teased BTL in an Instagram post back in October, saying that the tape consists of songs made during the A2 process, but didn’t fit the album’s vibe.

Fontaine’s been hard at work perfecting Ascension’s sequel since summer 2022, stemming from his sophomore album Beautiful Michi Girls and eclectic mixtape WTF is P¡NK. Sharing EPs in Love At All Cost and The Revive — a “prelude” to A2 featuring akin underground stars SoFaygo and Joony — in the meantime, Ty’s atmosperhic allure and versatility is his greatest strength, evident on A2’s lead cut “Studio Junkie” and BTL.

Black Truck Life not only reasserts Ty’s artistic progression in the underground, but makes way for tons of pressure slated for 2023. And for Ty, pressure makes diamonds.

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