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TyFontaine returns with 6-track EP ‘LOVE AT ALL COST’

Amid celebrating a successful three-project run in 2022, TyFontaine led in the new year with fireworks of his own.

Following the release of B4BMG, Beautiful Michi Girls and WTF is P¡NK, the DMV hitmaker has been locked in creating the sequel to his debut album, Ascension, since mid-summer. Awaiting its release, Michi held fans over by ringing in 2023 with his new EP, LOVE AT ALL COST — proving that he’s back in his bag with six fresh-pressed tracks.

Initially released to YouTube on Friday (Dec. 30), the rising star implied for this project to be listened to “all the way through.” Initially sharing a sample-clad snippet to Instagram, Fontaine asked fans when they wanted the project to hit DSPs. A commenter replied “December 30,” to which Ty quickly considered and turned into a concrete answer.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties delayed the project’s release on all digital streaming platforms until Tuesday ( Jan. 3). Within the 6-pack, new cuts in “Neti Pot,” “Make It Out Stronger” and “It’s Wrong, but I miss ur lovin’” prove to be early highlights from Michi’s love letter-esque mixtape.

It’s been quite an “Ascension” for the former Internet Money star these past two years. After going independent following his amicable departure from the label in 2021, He’s dropped four projects — which includes his official debut and sophomore albums. Previously teasing a joint mixtape with fellow DC native Joony, A2 seems to be the next full-length work from Fontaine in the near future.

Clueing fans into the album’s recording process with countless snippets and progress updates, it’s only a matter of time before Ty ascends higher than ever before — holding the sample-clad “LOVE AT ALL COST” close to his heart.

Listen to “LOVE AT ALL COST” below!

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