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Devstacks unleashes new track ‘Watch How I Move’

One of the most underrated producer-rappers in the underground currently has to be Devstacks.

In 2021, tracks such as “Heart Breaker,” “Now They Know Us/Vivenne Soulja” and “God Spoke” put Dev on the map, gaining traction among a young crop of elite new wave talent. Since then, the Boston native has been quietly blowing up with hits like “Where yo Swag,” “4pf” and, most recently, “Cut Her Off” with Slump6s.

For his newest track, his vocals continue to complement his dynamic production. “Watch How I Move,” released on SoundCloud and YouTube on Sept. 15, is a regalia anthem that will have listeners floating out of their seats. Dev’s heavily layered voice contrast magically on top of the high-pitched trumpet-filled instrumental, produced by himself and Ayomagg.

Gotta watch how I move (Gotta watch how I move)

Can’t go out like no fool (Can’t go out like no fool)

Make my money times two (Make my money times two)

N***a, who the fuck are you? (N***a, who the fuck are you?)

“Watch How I Move” — Devstacks

The main reason songs like these see a perfect harmony between the beats and the rapping is because of Dev’s instrumental prowess. Being mostly known for his production early on, working with artists such as Summrs, Autumn! and fellow Bostonian Rich Amiri, Dev also recently earned production credits along with a feature on Iayze‘s EP Final Fantasy: The Finale.

Boasting an extremely strong network through his artistry and collaborative efforts, Devstacks’ name is painted all over the underground scene. His drowned-out muddy tone is truly unique and there aren’t many other artists right now with a sound quite like it — especially coupled with his immaculate skill as a producer.

Watch out for a “Vivienne Soldier” takeover because Dev’s tight-knit fanbase will continue to grow over the next year.

Listen to “Watch How I Move” below!