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Iayze is unstoppable with another SoundCloud exclusive tape

Fresh off his second full-length album of the year, Fort Worth, Texas’ iayze is taking no breaks, keeping the streak going with yet another six-track EP.

Untold Legacy (Aug. 21) continues the format of his Leek series — which he added to last week with Love Me ‘Till I’m Me Again (LEEK 5) — giving fans more of iayze’s extra tracks that he has decided not to use on his upcoming official releases. With a single feature from lesser known rapper Jocko, iayze gets orchestral on this project with pianos and strings dominating the instrumentals.

After putting out both Virtuous and Demons 2 in the last few months, it’s bewildering how the up-and-comer hasn’t run out of material by now. Taking into account the countless singles he’s released in between his projects, his fanbase has consistently received a constant stream of music all throughout 2022.

The Texan has been relentless, teasing a couple of mainstream collaborations that may drop soon such as a track with Trippie Redd. It would be fair to expect more from iayze as he maintains momentum going into the last few months of the year.

Check out ‘Untold Legacy’ by iayze below!

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