Earthgang’s ‘Ghetto Gods’ to release Jan. 28, drop third single ‘All Eyez On Me’

Dreamville duo Earthgang is always able to capture your attention instantly.

With layers of ceaseless chemistry between Jonny Venus and Doctor Dot, the pair showcase their lyrical poise every chance they get — proving they’re Ghetto Gods in their own right.

Dropping their latest single “All Eyez On Me” ahead of Ghetto Gods’ release Jan. 28, EARTHGANG divulged the meaning behind their upcoming offering via Twitter Thursday (Jan. 6).

Offering its completing visual on Friday (Jan. 14), the duo paint an eye-opening picture of systematic injustice while getting their hair braided — further empowering those discriminated everywhere.

The album’s lead single “American Horror Story” displayed EARTHGANG’s empowering social commentary that will presumably act as Ghetto Gods’ central theme. The track is a melodic, resilient anthem about the many injustices that continue to occur in the United States.

Covering both the Jim Crow era and present day racism over the course of the song, EARTHGANG reminds listeners that there is still a very real problem in our country that needs addressing — spreading awareness and igniting change through music.

Although they have slowed down on releases since their 2019 project Mirrorland, EARTHGANG turned in a fruitful 2021 nonetheless. Dropping collaborations with Snakehips, Coi Leray, Rich Brian and others, they still continue to keep their names in the conversation of hip-hop’s top duo.

With their affiliation to Dreamville frontman J. Cole, fans are beginning to speculate that Cole could potentially drop a celebratory project on the same day as Ghetto Gods. Earthgang had previously alluded to coinciding their release with Cole’s birthday when rolling it out in November. However, this is still all up for speculation as neither party has confirmed anything quite yet.

Check out the visuals for ‘Ghetto Gods’ below!

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