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Fecony recruits Djembe, SportVVS for underground gem titled ‘lifestyle’

With the music industry constantly evolving, it’s always easy to find new music from artists and producers you may have not heard of. However, finding truly talented artists and producers can be very hard to come by. Thankfully, we have producer Fecony and artists Djembe and SportVVS who have combined their talents for an underground banger.

A little bit of information on Fecony, he’s a producer out of Atlanta who has worked with numerous big-named artists like Yeat, DC The Don, TyFontaine, and many more.

SportVVS is an underground veteran and has been in the game for a cool minute now. He’s dominated SoundCloud for years with massive amounts of plays and has played a major role as a pioneer for many SoundCloud artists today. He also has multiple songs with SoFaygo and played a role in his rise to stardom.

For those unaware of Djembe, he is an artist you are going to hear about very soon. His raw musical talent is beginning to catch the ears of many notable artists and producers and fans are about to catch on ASAP. His unique style and impressive vocals resemble many Internet Money artists, as well as The Kid Laroi and it’s only a matter of time before he gets the recognition he deserves.

The three bring their talents together and combine for the ultimate underground banger. While this is the first collab for the three, we can really hope that it isn’t their last.

Make sure to keep a close eye on these three talents and their individual careers as all three are destined to become very successful in this industry.

Listen to the track below!