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TyFontaine’s ‘It Gets Better’ restarts ‘A2’ rollout

Ascending to new heights over the past two years, TyFontaine knows “It Gets Better” from here.

On the two-year anniversary of his debut album Ascension, the 23-year-old DMV rapper continued to flex his foray into the East Coast’s sonic wave, floating over bouncy, Jersey Club grooves on his latest single “It Gets Better” (June 2).

Known for his grandiose R&B-infused swagger, Fontaine keeps blood pumping with thumping kicks, airy pad melodies and iridescent vocals on the club-ready cut. “Truck’s bigger, the bitch badder, the weed stronger where I am,” he sings on the hook, tearing off an emotive verse about “never wanting to be honest” as “It Gets Better” inherently teleports you to any nearby dance floor.

It’s infectious and charming, much like Ty’s versatile vocal range — bending his sound to fit any mold of any style. He’s conquered rage beats, ATL trap, new wave, OG Internet Money, R&B, pop and now Jersey Club — evident on alt-cuts like “Streets,” “Make It Out Stronger” and “The Sky Is Falling” off his April mixtape Black Truck Life.

BTL was the placeholder tape ahead of his debut’s sequel, Ascension 2. Already sharing its lead single “Studio Junkie” in March, Fontaine originally planned to drop A2 on its predecessor’s anniversary. Revealing that he has “to push A2 again” due to negotiations causing external delay, Fontaine has dropped a total five projects in a span of 12 months.

His sophomore album Beautiful Michi Girls and preceding B4BMG experience came in March of 2022, following those up with WTF is P¡NK, Love At All Cost, The Revive and most recently Black Truck Life. Tracks like “Where I’d b” with Highway, “The Comedown,” “Heart Break Hotel” and more acted as impressive appetizers for Ty’s forthcoming LP — interpolating classics in Jay Sean’s “Down” and Soulja Boy’s “Kiss Me Thru the Phone.” He’s also teased a collabo project with fellow DMV star Joony that’s been finished for the past year.

Already proving he possesses an unmatched level of consistency, Ty is looking to become “the best artist I can be,” and “It Gets Better” is further evidence of his will to achieve it.

Listen to “It Gets Better” below!

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