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KayCyy, Ronny J are ‘Floating’ on new SoundCloud single

KayCyy continues his takeover of the underground with another New Music Monday cut, dropping his third new track in three weeks with “Floating” (Dec. 12).

Days after sharing “GODSPEED” with Redda and Ryderoncrack, along with “760 Springs,” Who Else Would It Be and “Breaking Point,” the Kenya-born enigma exudes a creativity and drive unlike any other new wave leader — all ahead of his long-awaited debut Who Is KayCyy?.

Produced by Florida tirade pioneer RONNY J — who aided XXXTENTACION’s rise to stardom — “Floating” is anything but fleeting of the moment. KayCyy’s ability to create tracks with long-lasting replay value are almost as stunning as his versatile vocals. Much like the second half of “GODSPEED,” KayCyy’s melds his potent register within the pockets of Ronny’s rage-inducing blitz — floating within the track’s staccato melodies like it’s a high speed chase.

“Got my wings and then I took off / It’s that real not that knockoff,” he drawls off with his classic, levitating cadence — continuing to uphold the standard in pushing the culture forward. Much more is on the horizon for KayCyy in 2023, as he climbs the ranks towards mainstream acclaim with WIKC looming near.

Listen to “Floating” below!

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