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Ray Vaughn calls out the fakes on ‘Mannequin’

Since Top Dawg Entertainment signed Long Beach’s buzzing Ray Vaughn last August, he’s been an instant “one to watch” as the label moves past its ties with longtime king Kendrick Lamar.

Steadily sharing singles with both big name co-signs and fellow TDE labelmates, Vaughn’s latest offering “Mannequin” (released on June 25) evidently has listeners stopping in their tracks.

Boasting an eerie, bumping beat, Ray spits detailed lyrics about his come-up — weaving in stories about his childhood environment and seemingly leaving nothing unsaid. His ability to cruise on such smooth production reminds fans how instant of a fit he is with the powerhouse label.

“Cashing million dollar checks but I got top ramen in the microwave

Back then it didn’t register, now it’s seven figures like a license plate

Momma tell me that she proud of me everyday ’cause I ain’t throw my life away

My environment was in the lion’s den

But now my life a movie like Lion’s Gate”

Ray Vaughn — “Mannequin”

Following his signing and debut three-pack with TDE, Ray has been relatively quiet — presumably gearing up for a debut full-length effort in the near future. His 2021 EP Peer Pressure made a great first impression on fans when his deal was announced publically. Back in May, the eclectic, smooth-toned emcee released his first single of 2022, a melancholy ode to lost friends and family. “Picking Cherries” comes with black-and-white visuals showcasing Ray’s community and tough upbringing.

Although we hope to see more of Ray Vaughn as TDE takes over the summer, there is currently no information about his proper debut. However, expect Vaughn to settle into his role at the label quickly, leaving fans speechless on “Mannequin” for the time being.

Watch “Mannequin” below!

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