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Slump6s vs. Iayze: New wave’s latest beef brings forth slew of bangers

17-year-old new wave star Slump6s and “556” rapper Iayze have been in an ongoing conflict regarding a dispute about their respective styles.

After independently addressing each other on Instagram Live, Slump threw the first lyrical punch with a remix of “556” titled “Get Well Soon,” dropping line after line of roasts against Iayze.

Never one to back down, Iayze promptly responded with “I’m Him! (no children 2),” taunting the younger rapper with his claims of superiority in both streaming numbers and age.

Both artists proceeded to hop on an IG Live to discuss their issue with one another, with Iayze theorizing that Slump stole his style. The “Antisocial” rapper dismissed these allegations, retorting that Iayze’s ego is getting the better of him.

After an unsuccessful conversation only furthered their irritation, Slump6s retaliated with three more underground tracks, “twentyball,” “3Piece” and “proud,” each addressing the situation with various deliveries and flows.

Iayze is the latest to drop in this two-week time frame with his latest single “Money Counter,” addressing Slump indirectly a few times throughout the song as their beef seems to be petering out.

Iayze and Slump6s are both OGM fan favorites, as we hope both young stars can resolve their issues and continue to uplift each other moving forward.

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