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Veeze delivers a message with new single ‘GOMD’ ahead of long-awaited ‘Ganger’

Veeze wants everyone to “GOMD” as he gears up to drop his highly-anticipated debut album Gangera message that somehow couldn’t be more fitting for one of the most nonchalant soon-to-be superstars in the game.

Since rising to the top of his city’s explosive scene alongside fellow motor city legend Babyface Ray, Veeze has quietly consolidated his influence to become the chief behind-the-scenes exporter of the highly in-demand Detroit swag — characterized by deadpan coolness and unorthodox approaches to everything from production to flows to fashion. Now that he “Got rich with Babyface,” Veeze might finally be ready to unleash the music we’ve all been waiting for — all while touring across the country with Face and special guest Shawny Binladen.

After a long run-up of subtle hints and speculation surrounding his debut project, it looks like Veeze may finally be gearing up to drop as he releases his second single of the year. Following “4 Kobe” in January, Veeze’s uniquely aloof approach is feeling fine-tuned on “GOMD,” somehow managing to sound more laidback and more energized than ever all at the same time. 

As always, on “GOMD” he comes with hard-hitting and decidedly unorthodox production, this time produced by Tye Beats who also produced Veeze classics like “Let It Fly” and “Rusty” (and memorable recent hits like Kodak’s “Walk / Spin” and Babytron’s “Prince of the Mitten”).

The accompanying music video (directed by Detroit staple Lestyn Park), mirrors Veeze’s deceptively simple appeal with a straightforward visual that highlights the notable cameos and non-stop quotables throughout found in memorable bars like “I don’t got change for 20, 20 ain’t nothin but change.”

While he may not be a household name just yet, Veeze is certainly within reach. Whether it be the LUCKI cameo in the track’s visual or his inexplicably tight bond with Lil Baby — resulting in his first-ever appearance on the Billboard Charts with “U-Digg” last year — “GOMD” is another triumph. Shouting out Babyface Ray and Flint legend Louie Ray, he not-so-subtly lets you know where he places himself in the pecking order with cleverly incorporated name drops of a long list of goats including Jay Z, Ye, Beyonce, Taylor Gang and Gucci Mane.

Overall, “GOMD” is a robust addition to a long list of memorable singles from Detroit’s most promising stars. With any luck, it will serve as the perfect way to ring in Ganger season as we impatiently wait for Veeze’s long-awaited debut.

Watch Veeze’s “GOMD” below

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