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Xlovclo is otherworldly on new single “Back2Earth”

19-year-old DMV native Xlovclo is back as she continues to capitalize on her viral success with the visual for her new single, “Back2Earth.”

Less than one year after touching every corner of TikTok with her viral breakout hit, “WTF” – earning new fans in Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, and Doechii on account of her charismatic delivery and and unabashed ad libs – Clo is thriving as she further explores her refreshing genre-bending style.

As a rare female powerhouse emerging in the new wave, “Back2Earth” is just the latest example of Xlovclo finding a lane for her unique sound in the sweet spot between Soundcloud rap and soulful R&B. As usual, “Back2Earth” has Clo’s impressive pipes and unique charm on full display. The song itself is slightly more upbeat than her usual abstract style with its groovy piano-led production, but stays true to the distinct melodic delivery and confident, unorthodox approach to song structure that always gives her music a certain magical quality.

The new single is her latest link-up with talented underground producer, Dylvinci (co-produced by Mesa B). Known for his signature pluggnb sound and prolific output throughout the new wave, Dylvinci has helped craft some of Clo’s most fan-favorite songs to date including “Nawf,” “Mindset” and “Red Lyte” with Yvngxchris – playing an important role in crafting her captivating genre-bending sound.

While the visual for “Back2Earth” (directed by Tommy Kiljoy) is relatively straightforward, its lo-fi feel speaks to the DIY approach and independent grind that made Clo who she is today. And from her striking looks to her deadpan demeanor and generally magnetic presence seen throughout the video, it’s easy to see the star qualities in the young phenom. 

Since first touching the stratosphere with her breakout hit, Clo has done an excellent job capitalizing on her early success in the form of a major label deal. In keeping with her Soundcloud roots, throughout 2022 she’s collaborated with rising new wave stars and fellow DMV natives Yvngxchris, Ka$hdami, and was prominently placed on Skaiwater’s sctinillating debut project rave. Having created some of the most viral tracks of the last year, the two rising stars couldn’t be a better match — harmonizing beautifully on “Chloe” where she served as both a feature and namesake to create one of the project’s most standout moments.

Even after the heights she’s reached this year, and with the release of “Back2Earth,” it’s clear that Clo’s feet are planted firmly as she continues to prove why she is one of the most promising new faces of the new wave.

Watch Xlovclo’s “Back2Earth” below