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Xlovclo drops SoundCloud exclusive track ‘TextNDelete’d’

This year has been one full of wins for 19-year-old artist Xlovclo. With a breakout hit in “WTF” and co-signs from superstars such as Doja Cat and Lil Nas X, the DMV native has been on a nonstop hot streak.

Her most recent release, “TextNDelete’d,” is a soulful ballad that will have listeners hypnotized by Clo’s heartfelt vocals. Known for her genre-bending style, Clo’s delivery is a perfect mix between melodic rap and R&B. Produced by Chxrlito, the instrumental features a spacey piano loop accompanied by a simple drum pattern. On the track, Clo jumps from showing off her impressive voice to snapping off quick bars while rapping about the ups and downs of a relationship.

“Blocked you on everything I can’t repeat it

I hit your phone and I text and delete it

Sometimes I say things without any meaning

Sometimes I say things without even thinking

Texted you drunk what the fuck was I thinking”

“TextNDelete’d” – Xlovclo

As one of the leading females in the underground scene, Xlovclo has paved her own lane with a unique cadence and personalized flow. These distinct qualities have helped secure major collaborations for the young star on tracks like, “chloe” by skaiwater, “Famine” by KA$HDAMI, and “Red Lyte” by yvngxchris.

Clo’s success in 2022 only seems to be the beginning of a very bright career for the underground powerhouse. With great consistency and heavy traction on TikTok, Xlovclo is taking all the right strides to become the next female artist on the rise.

Listen to “TextNDelete’d” below!