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Lil Yachty shares ‘Poland’ to all DSPs, video with Lyrical Lemonade

“I took the woOooOck to Poland” has been on repeat all week, as Lil Yachty’s infectious hit track has finally dropped on all streaming platforms.

Singing with a quirky cadence over F1LTHY’s trademark atmosperhic bounce, Yachty’s colorful, carefree performance has become seemingly inescapable. He’s used to this virality, though. With a longevity bolstered by 2016 classics in “One Night” and “Minnesota,” Boat is in his bag when he’s just having fun.

While the instantly viral cut sounds more vocally experimental for the Atlanta emcee, it’s an extension altogether of his bubbly, melodic delivery found on his breakout album, Lil Boat. Its energy mirrors that of “Poland,” as its stranglehold on social media and SoundCloud has skyrocketed the underground hit to stratospheric heights. Boat even changed the cover to artwork made by a fan on Wednesday (Oct. 12) — flexing his impact as a key creative in today’s culture.

Taking the “wock to Poland,” he whimsically croons and contorts his voice to mimic a dizzying synthesizer of sorts. Backed by deep-rooted 808s and glitchy melodies, the minute-long single sees Yachty tear off an auto-laced verse about “fiending” and “leaning.” It’s short, sweet and definitely memorable for Boat, who’s been without an official track since the Cole Bennett-assisted “YAE ENERGY” last year.

Yachty revealed that “Poland” was leaked prior to him sharing it on SoundCloud in a now-deleted tweet. “Ima just drop dat joint den f**k it,” he wrote on Oct. 4, as “Poland” appeared just hours later. Its official release at midnight on Tuesday could also indicate that he and F1LTHY are putting their upcoming collaborative mixtape in motion. Cole Bennett was also quick to scoop up the song for a Lyrical Lemonade visual, as the pair appeared in a few teaser photos before the video dropped on Tuesday (Oct. 11).

Not only keeping busy ahead of his joint tape with F1LTHY, he’s eyeing another new album he tucked away in his vault. “My album is done. It’s mastered and done. When you’ll get it, I don’t f**king know,” he said in an interview with Complex, offering his apologies for the lack of a new Birthday Mix this year.

Additionally, Lil Yachty has been a key ambassador for underground talent, collaborating with yvngxchris, SoFaygo, BabyTron, Sid Shyne and others in recent years. His last full-length project, Michigan Boy Boat, was an ode to Detroit’s triumphant, quick-witted soundscape — recruiting stars like BabyFace Ray, Baby Smoove, Sada Baby and more.

It’s evident Boat has a special project(s) on the way, and “Poland” is certainly one of those songs that will stay stuck in your head for a while.

Check out “Poland” here!

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