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Yeat joins Yung Kayo for the latest single from label sevensevenseven

Portland rapper Yeat has the game in the palm of his hand, as each new release pushes him closer to mainstream acclaim. Despite the enormity of his career at this stage, the “Rich Minion” sensation keeps a small circle, only collaborating with a handful of artists up to this point.

One of his closest collaborators is YSL signee Yung Kayo — the youngest member of the Atlanta collective and one of the few not involved in the label’s ongoing RICO case. Now, the duo is reunites for a new single titled “hollon” in collaboration with Los Angeles-based designer John Ross’ label sevensevenseven.

Ross has been curating a stellar tracklist for his label’s debut project, previously tapping Chief Keef for sevensevenseven’s lead single “make me mad” (June 17). However, Ross has remained tight-lipped on any details about the upcoming project, leaving fans patiently waiting for Yeat and Kayo’s new collab which will wind up on the untitled album.

Kayo and Yeat go back a few years, working together at instrumental points in their respective careers. Both artists dropped their biggest projects to date in 2022, trading features as they both push the boundaries of hip-hop with tantalizing sounds and vocal deliveries. “Hollon” continues to assert the duo’s budding dominance in the game — building more chemistry each time they partner up.

Most recently, Kayo appeared on “Narcoticz” off of Yeat’s mainstream debut 2 Alivë, returning the favor for Yeat’s verse on his last single off DFTK, ironically named “YEET.” Their chemistry has proven itself undeniable time and time again and this track is no exception.

Check out ‘hollon’ by sevensevenseven with Yeat and Yung Kayo below!

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