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Cash Cobain prays to the ‘Slizzy Gods’ and shares giant news

It looks like it’s going to be a Slizzy Summer in NYC.

The Bronx’s Cash Cobain is one of the most exciting new artist-producers anywhere. The chief exporter of the infectious Sexy Drill sound, Cash and the rest of the Slizzy crew have been redefining what “cool” looks and sounds like in New York City. 

While Cash has been relatively quiet this year, this week he is resurfacing with a splash. Not only did he drop a new single and officially debut his new very Slizzy catchphrase: “We say Agyal we don’t say Amen” – the new drop comes with the exciting announcement that the long-independent powerhouse has signed a giant deal with Giant Music. 

The Anthony Prince-directed music video for “Slizzy Gods”  is one of the biggest productions we’ve seen from Cash yet, looking like the emerging superstar he is as he performs on the beach “with a baddie and her baddie friend” (shoutout Ice Spice), does donuts in a Corvette, and hosts a Slizzy seance to bestow a long line of girls with their very own “Agyal” tattoo – which can be seen inked on the skin of a growing number of Sexy Drill disciples including Cash himself and a very visible one of the neck of Murda B

The track contains almost every one of the most recognizable Cobain refrains. Produced by himself (with co-production from frequent collaborator Sliiick and young rising star four3va), the track opens with his iconic “And this beat from Cash not from Youtube” producer tag as a moody melody reminiscent of mid-2010s Drake is punctuated by his signature punchy drums. As he effortlessly floats over his own production with his uniquely slurry delivery, he drops infectious new quotables like “I love bitches, I hate men” and “I’m sellin’ dick to a prostitute.”

Sprinkled throughout the new single you can also hear Cash’s ever-present “What Else?” ad lib and other inside Slizzy lingo that will be familiar to fans of the Sexy Drill universe – which contains a growing list of other entertaining rising stars from NYC (and Jersey) including Chow Lee, Lonny Love, Mali Smith, B Jacks, Matthew Ali, Jay Dott, Swoosh God, 2219 Lee, K Hus, Nu Sace and more. 

While he has made significant waves as an independent artist (an “Indi-animal” if you will), with his new deal with Giant Music secured, and teased collaborations with a long list of some of the biggest names in music including Pink Pantheress, BK the Rula and maybe even Drake himself on the way, it looks like the Slizzy God Cash Cobain is finally in position to ascend to his rightful place amongst the stars. 

Watch Cash Cobain’s “Slizzy Gods” below

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