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Chow Lee, Synthetic are ready for the club with ‘no hesi!”

Chow Lee’s “no hesi!” produced by Synthetic comes at the perfect time to start preparing for a Sexy Drill summer in 2023.

As the weather in NYC turns, Chow Lee teamed up with blossoming superproducer, Synthetic (one of the masterminds behinds Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock”) to blend some of the best elements of the Jersey Club dance craze, the new wave and the fun-loving subgenre of NYC’s prevailing sound affectionately known as Sexy Drill – which despite some recent debate, was pretty undeniably pioneered by Cash Cobain, Chow and the rest of the Slizzy crew.

The result: a bass-bumping, genre-bending summer banger that couldn’t feel more of-the-moment in the year of Jersey Club. 

“no hesi” has everything a song for Summer 2K23 needs. Immediately gripping in its first few seconds, the light and airy production from Synthetic (co-prod VVSpipes) feels fresh and lightly nostalgic at the same time – with any feelings of familiarity instantly shattered as the inescapable pounding Jersey Club bassline shakes the room. 

Chow Lee is sounding more dialed in than ever as he delivers his confident flow and eyebrow raising bars over the uniquely energetic production – weaving NYC lingo and rauchy punchlines with inside-baseball scammer bars like, “We run out funds then we blick it,” that’ll have Soho partygoers who have never seen a method screaming “I ain’t even pay for this chain, the pro did” all summer long.

For the 5th Ave-directed music video set in Thailand, Chow Lee and the gang showed off their new rockstar lifestyle in between the Rolling Loud Thailand festivities. The video comes with a disclaimer that “things got too lit in Thailand” so they had to finish the video back in New York, which surely was no problem for Chow as he rolled around in bed with an entirely new set of female companions back in his home city.

Chow has certainly been on a roll this year. In between his international jet setting, festival appearances and live performances, he’s also had some notable drops recently including a feature on “Confetti!” with the ever-present JELEEL! (with an upcoming music video) and a showstopping performance with his latest single “DISS TRACK MAYBE.” 

With his last several releases, Chow is really stepping into his newfound rockstar status as he continues to elevate his highly distinctive signature Sexy Drill sound that is every bit as original as it is New York City. 

Watch Chow Lee’s “no hesi!” with Synthetic below

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