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NLE shouts out ‘Ice Spice’ on his new single

If there’s any rapper that’s familiar with viral moments, it’s NLE Choppa. Most recently, the Top Shotta looked to recreate his previous success by tributing a rapper who has constantly been in the news cycle since her recent entrance into the industry.

Announcing his new single “Ice Spice” a week before its Nov. 4 release, Choppa posted the least subtle shoutout ever toward New York viral sensation Ice Spice, which was a cover art showing her face with his tattoos on her neck. The “Bikini Bottom” rapper promptly responded, playfully shooting him down with a quote tweet accusing him of “feenin” and telling him that he “gotta play it cool.”

Evidently, Choppa took her comments to heart, changing the cover art to a picture of himself before dropping the video and song. Regardless, his energy is through the roof as usual on this single, showcasing the flashy results of his hip-hop triumphs in the visual with cars, women and arenas.

A dramatic drill instrumental backs his fast-paced bars as he details his freaky adventures with a lady friend who resembles Ice Spice. Spice and Choppa have been the talk of the town recently, making waves on social media last week after Spice posted some suggestive photos to promote NLE’s Awakened Choppa brand. Additionally, Ice went viral after addressing claims that she was mentioned on the new Drake and 21 Savage album in a joking fashion.

Choppa was already on a roll with his prior few singles, recently dropping an energetic dance record with Philadelphia rapper 2Rare titled “Do It Again.” This track has since received a few different videos showcasing various regions’ dance styles.

This duo could break the internet with a collaboration; however, it’s unclear whether we can expect that to happen after this initial meeting. Regardless, this single “Ice Spice” is yet another turnt-up offering from NLE Choppa using one of the most noteworthy muses in the game, begging the question of what his next project will entail.

Check out “Ice Spice” below!

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