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Pusha T hosts ‘It’s Almost Dry’ listening party in NYC, wants to work with Nas, Dr. Dre

Pusha T has employed the help of rap legends to provide a top-tier experience for his fourth studio album, It’s Almost Dry.

As the upcoming 12-track project’s production is handled by a 50-50 shared effort from Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, Pusha has been extremely active in releasing music and making public appearances since the release of “Diet Coke” — recently revealing two other hip-hop heroes that he’s been hoping to work with.

On Tuesday (April 12), Push hosted an exclusive listening party for It’s Almost Dry in New York City, where he met up with Dr. Dre and also shared some words about Nas.

While speaking to the audience at the event, according to Apple Music radio DJ Nile Ivey, he mentioned that Nas was meant to be on “Hear Me Clearly,” his collaborative song with Nigo released last month on the I Know Nigo album. However, he affirmed that he could not get the feature secured. Nas and Push were present during Ye’s mythical Wyoming sessions where he produced both NASIR and DAYTONA for both artists.

Then, Pusha T posted a photo of him and Dr. Dre, conveying his desire to get into the studio with the legendary N.W.A. rapper and producer. He insinuates that if he were combine his rapping with Dre’s production, we may as well “cancel Christmas.” Dre’s Super Bowl curation this past year highlighted hip-hop on arguably America’s biggest stage, as Push’s willingness to work would only strengthen the genre’s ultra-collaborative roots.

While Pusha T has yet to release the track list for IAD — which already holds a coveted Jay-Z feature on the pre-released “Neck & Wrist” — fans can only assume Nas and Dr. Dre will most likely not land on the project. Nothing is impossible, though, as Pusha T insists that he still has what it takes to perform at the highest level, so him working with Nas and Dr. Dre would certainly be a sight to behold.

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