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Travis Scott previews slew of ‘UTOPIA’ tracks at Las Vegas show

Photo courtesy of Travis Scott on IG

Following the opening night of Travis Scott’s Las Vegas residency, “The Road To Utopia” is now clearer than ever.

Previewing a handful of Utopia tracks at Zouk Nightclub this past weekend (Sept. 17), La Flame debuted new material featuring Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Kid Cudi and Pharrell.

With Utopia in the preparation stages of its rollout, the real fun has yet to begin for Scott. Along with playing tracks with the aforementioned superstars — whom each tout years’ worth of collaborations with the Houston rapper — Pharrell and Trav’s snippet is perhaps the most anticipated of the bunch.

Scott’s prior collabs with Future on “Hold That Heat” and Kid Cudi on “The Scotts” are integral to their chemistry as featured emcees. However, he was spotted posing with the legendary Neptune on his Instagram — more evidence that La Flame is heating up as the summer winds down.

Not only will Scott’s “Road To Utopia” shows last until Oct. 15, his Sin City residency has also proven to be the launching point for his mythical fourth studio album. It’s evident in how Travis has been teasing new music all summer — debuting unreleased cuts in “God’s Country” and “Lost Forever” at his O2 Arena shows in London last month. He’s biting at the bit to gift this album to fans.

In October 2021, it was reported that UTOPIA was in the final stages of production with Mike Dean handling the finishing touches of the mix and master. Dean has worked on every Travis Scott album since 2015’s Rodeo — further alluding to how long Scott has sat on the record. Dean even divulged to OGM host Hakeem Rowe in our exclusive interview that Travis is “getting back to” the style of Owl Pharoh — his debut 2013 mixtape.

La Flame has stayed focused on finishing Utopia since August — taking to social media to say “I’ll be back when it’s album time.” Settling back into a groove following the tragedy at Astroworld Fest, his upcoming album is all about “proper lines of communication,” he said to CR Fashion in 2021. Scott also spoke on the album with WWD last June following the Dior-Cactus Jack Summer 2022 Men’s Show.

“I’m in this new album mode of like psychedelic rock. So even just like the field of cactuses and mushrooms, you might get tripped out.”

Travis Scott via WWD

While Astroworld was a moment, Utopia seems to be from another world — revealing the “whole new sound” Scott has been fine-tuning for almost a half decade. Regardless of when the album hits streaming, these snippets are sure to hold fans over for a tad longer.

After all, they’ve already waited four years. What’s another few weeks?

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