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Kanye West, Playboi Carti rumored to have collab album in the works

Kanye West and Playboi Carti’s friendship and affinity for one another’s craft continues to garner more collaborations.

After they planted the seeds of their relationship with their collaborative track “Go2DaMoon” on Carti’s culture-shifting album Whole Lotta Red, the duo got back to work on more music.

Locking in together for the now-notorious Donda sessions last summer at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Carti landed on two of the album’s songs with the monumental fourth track “Off The Grid” with Fivio Foreign and the ninth track “Junya” and its “Pt. 2” version, where he offers a longer verse and is joined by Ty Dolla $ign.

Once the new year rolled around, Kanye locked in on crafting his epic sequel Donda 2, executively produced by Future, which would only be made available on his own streaming device, the Stem Player. Carti also found himself some placements on this record, as he offered ad-libs for the promotional single “City of Gods,” with Alicia Keys and, once more, Fivio Foreign. Along with this, he provided a verse for the song “Mr. Miyagi” with Future, which did not land on the current version of the album available on the website.

Although there has not been an update to the unfinished, continuously evolving Donda 2 in about two months, it appears that Yeezy and Carti have still been creating music together. According to deuxmoi, a celebrity gossip blog on Instagram that accepts anonymous tips from insiders, Kanye has shifted gears away from working on Donda 2 to pursue a joint album with Playboi Carti.

The first tip came on May 12 from a source under the pseudonym Pablo Narcissist, which alludes to Kanye’s 2015 album The Life of Pablo and Playboi Carti’s unreleased album from 2021, Narcissist. In their message under the subject title “Narcissistic Forces At Work,” they explain how Carti and Ye decided to embark on this project, without naming them specifically. They continue by alluding to Donda 2 being scrapped and how Carti and Ye have been in the studio together as of late.

Later that day, another tip came in from an unnamed source under the subject title “Kanye and Carti,” which claimed they had been in studio sessions with the two rappers multiple times, and that the sound of the album will be experimental and rock. They finish by saying the album should arrive in the next two months, however, the validity of these sentiments are still strongly in question.

While these sources are not the most credible, some Kanye West affiliated pages on Twitter and Instagram added fuel to the fire the same day. First, the “Donda’s Place” Twitter account posted a photo of Ye and Carti from the Atlanta Donda sessions last summer, captioning it “#NarrasisticPowers.”

Then, the “dondacreative” Instagram account uploaded a photo of Kanye at a mixing table during a show, also tagging Carti’s label Opium‘s Instagram page.

While nothing is confirmed from either Ye or Carti, the two did show interest in touring together in February after the Donda 2 listening party in Florida. Carti took to Instagram after the show in a now-deleted post to show a text conversation between the two where they agree to a joint tour.

Hopefully more information continues to manifest regarding Kanye West and Playboi Carti’s future plans together, because each song with both of them on it has been a worthwhile endeavor.