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KayCyy stays hot with another NMN single ‘LIVE MORE!’

Another Monday, another masterpiece. KayCyy’s fourth consecutive single in a month, “LIVE MORE!”, proves to be a robust showcase of his melody-first approach.

Set to drop off his final song of 2022 next week, the YZY Sound phenom continues to draw out his long-awaited debut, Who Is KayCyy?, with more firepower to keep listeners energized and enticed. “This is enough to make you live more / I’ve seen enough to make you live more / Look at what God did / He showed me a lot,” he belts over the meditative intro, as “LIVE MORE!” sounds like a holistic fragment of KayCyy’s fleeting contributions on Donda.

BEAM’s powerful vocals hit simultaneously with the track’s deep kicks and echoed, pitched percussion, as KayCyy’s hooks continue to transcend genre at every turn. HADR’s sultry ad-libs on the outro emit a sense of peace and tranquility with the Kenya-born singer-rapper bringing forth an ethereal, Earthy essence to his ever-evolving soundscape.

If you’re just tuning in, KayCyy has been on a tear in the fourth quarter. Not only igniting New Music Mondays with a collection of underground tracks, he also shared “Breaking Point,” which preceded his latest official release Who Else Would It Be. Prior to his mid-summer offering, “Light The Globe (Serena),” the 24-year-old rapper shared his debut mixtape Get Used To It — wholeheartedly highlighting his refined versatility as a vocalist.

If anything is certain, WIKC is shaping up to be the “perfection” KayCyy promised. For now, though, he’s gifting SoundCloud gems for the holidays.

Listen to “LIVE MORE” below!

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