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It’s a ‘Cruel World’ for $NOT, but he doesn’t seem to mind

Photo courtesy of Audible Treats / Olilou

Behind the safety of his trademark hoodie, it’s clear that $NOT isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill rapper; He’s an excursion into the unknown.

Thriving on introspection with muddy, deep tones that incite mosh-pits on sight, his latest single, “Cruel World” (Sept. 15), paints a vivid picture of his frustrations. From fleeting relationships, insincere friendships to the incessant chase for clout, “Cruel World” is as cruel as it gets.

Yet, $NOT relishes in the sinister backdrop of haunting organs and minor-key piano melodies, which have complemented his intense verses for years now. However, when he finally loses it on the hook, his repetitive “NO!” entrances you in a hypnotic, emotional abyss.

“It’s a cruel world, what a fucked up world when your brothers don’t got your back (That’s right)

It’s a cruel world when these n***** want clout, but they don’t wanna run for the bag (That’s right)

It’s a cruel world when you love that bitch, but you know that shit won’t last (Fuck)

It’s a cruel world when they only wanna judge you, about your past (Fuck)”

$NOT — “Cruel World”

The visual, which draws influence from cinematic classics like Wild Things and the gritty edge of Dexter, portrays $NOT as the next “Florida man” of sorts. Donning his trademark hoodie and black puffer vest, the Florida-born, New York-based native ventures into the Everglades, embracing everything it offers: Airboat adventures, alligator tussles and more.

Directed by Chris Villa, the genius behind A$AP Rocky’s “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)” and Ice Spice’s “In Ha Mood,” fans can expect “Cruel World” to be the lead-in to $NOT’s unnamed, upcoming album. Acting as the follow-up to his psychedelic “Easter Pink,” the successor to his 2022 LP, Ethereal, is sure to be as grimy and hard-hitting as “Cruel World.” Singles in “Ms. Porter,” Simple,” “Immaculate” and “DVD” all preceded his latest effort.

2023 has been a whirlwind year for $NOT. His “Get Busy Or Die Tour” spanned 33 dates and sold over 45,000 tickets this past summer. The tour, backed by talents like Night Lovell, Eem Triplin, and DC The Don, enabled $NOT to resonate with fans nationwide. His last album, Ethereal, dropped in February 2022 and was a trove of all-star collaborations, featuring Trippie Redd, Joey Bada$$, Juicy J and A$AP Rocky, who forged a Billboard Hot 100 hit with $NOT on “Doja.”

With his new record on the way, $NOT continues to carve a niche all his own — evolving into the sure-fire superstar he’s destined to become.

Watch “Cruel World” below!