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OGM’s ‘Platinum Picks’ from New Music Friday (Oct. 20)

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Sampha “LAHAI”

After a six-year hiatus, the UK wunderkind returns with 14 tracks of utter bliss. “Spirit 2.0,” “Only,” “Suspended” and others put you into a heavenly trance, as Sampha emerges from the shadows a wiser man — rekindling the connections that have uplifted him in years’ past. However, he feels more true to form, as LAHAI is backdropped by the bustle of electro-soul, warm synths and cinematic jungle beats that display Sampha’s refined POV of who he is as a father, brother, son, and friend amongst all.

Lyrical Lemonade “HELLO THERE”

KayCyy — “Laugh When You Cry”

Strapped with two new tracks ahead of Never Be So Sure, the YZY Sound enigma holds over ravenous fans with a pack of SoundCloud joints. KayCyy’s “Laugh When You Cry” is the epitome of his allure as a melody-laced emcee — whose heavenly vocals recently graced Westside Gunn’s AND THEN YOU PRAY FOR ME. With another potent teaser drop, stemming from “My Jeans” and the controversy with his feature being left off UTOPIA, we’ve Never Been So Sure of KayCyy’s talent.

The Kid LAROI “TOO MUCH” (feat. Jung Kook, Central Cee)

Once Grade A Productions hopeful to bona fide global superstar, The Kid LAROI is what you’d imagine an all-encompassing international phenom would be. Recruiting BTS’ Jung Kook and UK-drill sensation Central Cee, the Aussie singer reignites the rollout to his long-awaited debut album, The First Time, with a star-powered comeback on “Too Much” — clad with magazine photoshoots, glistening lights and world tours in excess.

Kevin Abstract “What Should I Do?”


Soul, PRESENT was a moment for budding alt-maestro Q, whose funky, pscyadelic single “HELLO” is just the start of a new “short form project” dropping this year. For left-of-center ears who love finding hidden gems, “HELLO” is your jam. Let Q introduce himself.

Dina Ayada “girls cry 2!”

The latest YZY-adjacent protege has been on a streak of killer singles in recent weeks. Her latest, “Girls Cry 2!”, sees Dina Ayada embrace heartbreak by letting her emotions wash over her. “Passion!”, “Flowers!” and “Way Up!” may have made the noise Ayada needed, but it seems likely with this quick succession of tracks, a waterfall debut is sure to arrive sooner rather than later.


Chicago rapper Valee is not only an icon because of his indisputable bars, whirly beats and cold-toned charisma forged from his earwormed, relaxed flows, but his ability to pump out great projects time and time again. Just sharing Virtuoso with Harry Fraud in July, his latest LP with MVW — which features Pink Siifu, Zelooperz (twice), Tony Shhnow and others — is all the VALEEDATION he needs. Be on the lookout for a collab with Surf Gang’s Evilgiane in the near future as well.

Bktherula “TATTI”

21 Savage & d4vd “Revenge For Me

A collaboration we never saw coming: Atlanta’s menacing 21 Savage and budding pop superstar d4vd connect on “Call Me Revenge” — the leading single off Call Of Duty’s forthcoming MW3 soundtrack. As far as soundtrack records go, d4vd, who’s currently on tour with SZA, and Savage mesh their contrasting sounds rather flawlessly on the dual-wielded hit.