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Joony releases ‘MEMENTO’ EP amid new partnership with RedBull Records, EVGLE

Memories follow Joony on his journey to the top, taking notes and collecting mementos along the way.

Sharing his new 10-track EP, featuring the likes of new wave mainstays in Tony Shhnow, TTM Dawg, Lancey Foux, and Lil Candy Paint, MEMENTO is not only an amalgamation of Joon’s talent, but the mark of a new era altogether. Ethereal beats, sliding synths and a bounce only ushered through the lavish, dance-inducing DMV, it’s tracks like “CLASSY,” “3M” and “EXPENSIVE CLOTHING” that truly place Joony on a higher pedestal that most — operating at a level beyond.

It’s apparent he’s reached and realized his celebrity status (heard on the intro interlude “HOTEL”) on MEMENTO, weaved through not only the polished creativity of his production, but transcending vocals that ultimately “take you to the moon,” as he sings on “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM.” Cohesive, charismatic and confident, Joony’s superstar allure only gets more undeniable by the day, especially considering the boss business moves he’s made lately. Never failing to impress, his chemistry with each guest is off the charts — evident he’s shedded his skin and morphed into the bona fide superstar we all know he was in real-time (“CLASSY” is the most impressive example, and perhaps the LP’s best song). A short but sweet project is even more potent when it has the value of full-length album — and Joony’s latest is grandiose, enjoyable and engaging because of it.

Recently inking a deal through his label 211 with Red Bull Records and Blxst’s EVGLE imprint, the project’s lead single “NEED IT” rang in news of the Maryland rapper’s newfound partnership in September. Originally starting as a collective in 2014, 211 transitioned into a label in 2022 alongside his managers Jason Zeigler and Darren Xu. Since then, he’s launched two albums under the imprint: Pretty in Black (2022) and SHITUMSS (2023). Now, Joony looks to further build his brand powered by RedBull Records and EVGLE.

The 22-year-old DMV native first made waves on the Billboard Hot 100 last July with Brent Faiyaz’s “FYTB.” Previously working together on Faiyaz’s 2021 track “Paper Soldier,” Faiyaz and Joony’s collaborations have allowed him to flourish apart of the former Lost Kids collective, contributing writing credits to his acclaimed album Wasteland. Ahead of the Evgle deal announcement, Joony’s “IDC,” an alt-pop collab with Jordan Ward, was featured on the NBA 2K23 Season 7 soundtrack, curated by Blxst himself. This was followed by other vibes in “One Track Minded” with NYC sensation Kelz and “Bad Time” with Highway.

Commenting on his signing, Joony shared, “We’ve found great synergy with Evgle/Red Bull Records and are thrilled to begin this journey with a unique deal beneficial to all.” He added his excitement about collaborating with Blxst, whom he’s long admired.

Joony emphasized the partnership’s significance, explaining it allows for richer creativity in this forthcoming era. “MEMENTO is one to watch,” he said. “I’m thrilled for everyone to experience it.” Additionally, Joony will join Lil Tjay and Dina Ayada for nine shows during the European leg of Tjay’s “Beat the Odds Tour,” launching on Nov. 2 in London and concluding on Nov. 11 in Vienna.

Destined to influence the next wave of innovators, Joony’s drive to achieve his dreams remains unwavering. Simply put, few artists match his breadth of talent and versatility — and MEMENTO is cements this once more.

If there’s anything fans need to hear, it’s this new Joony.

Check out “Memento” here!

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