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Cash Cobain is back with more ‘Slizzy Talk,’ announces new album ‘Pretty Girls Love Slizzy’

Sexy Drill Summer is upon us. And Cash Cobain is heating up.

This week, the truly singular NYC artist-producer dropped off a new single “Slizzy Talk. With it came the exciting announcement of his upcoming new album, which we just learned will be titled Pretty Girls Love Slizzy in true Cash-fashion.

The new project will be the latest in a series of recent accomplishments for Cash Cobain, from shutting down Washington Square Park last week, to his notable production on on catchy standout “2021 Vibes” off LUCKI’s latest album, and recent appearance on Rolling Stone’s “Best East Coast Hip Hop Songs of All Time” List ( No. 71 – “Vacant” with Chow Lee). Not to mention a fresh Drake co-sign and rumors of collabs with some of the hottest new faces like Pink Pantheress and Bktherula – and surely many more tricks up his sleeve as he gets set to make his official debut with Pretty Girls Love Slizzy.

To celebrate the occasion and ring in the Sexy Drill summer, Cash shut down yet another block on the streets of his second-home in Queens to provide the perfect backdrop for the “Slizzy Talk” video (directed by Yinka Soda). Surrounded by bikes and baddies adorned with “Agyal” tattoos, Cash contrasts the energetic summer scene with an understated flow – calmly and confidently defining what it means to be “Slizzy” as he glides over a rare non-”Not-from-Youtube” beat produced by frequent collaborator Sliick

Always one to put on for the home team, the video is full of familiar faces including Murda B (who can be identified by the large “Agyal” tattoo on her neck). Additionally, throughout the track you can hear Cash shouting out Casanova 2x and a lengthy list of his brothers behind bars from his native Bronx neighborhood. 

As he gears up to release his first project since announcing his deal with Giant Music alongside his latest single “Slizzy Gods”, it’s worth looking back on the projects that brought him to this point. While he had been bubbling for a few years 2021 is the year Cash fully arrived, already stamping his slizziest catch phrases with singles like “Boi” and “What Else.” That summer he dropped Nirvana, the first project to fully flesh out Cash’s fun-loving take on the city’s sound and introduce the wider cast of the Sexy Drill universe – a growing list of entertaining characters including Chow Lee, Lonny Love, Mali Smith, B Jack$, Matthew Ali, Swoosh God, Jay Dott, 2219 Lee, K Hus, Nu Sace and more. 

In 2022, he rung in the new year with a NYE release of his solo project SLIZZY TIMING. Just a few months later, he and Chow Lee unleashed their now classic joint-project 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy – which contained fan-favorites like “Vacant” and “JHoliday” and would be named one of the “Best Albums of 2022” by The New York Times. And finally, earlier this year he dropped Slizzy Day, a short Soundcloud EP to clear out the vault before hitting the bigtime which included his latest Lil Yachty collab, “No More Bodies.”

While his demeanor is nonchalant and his music is fun and carefree, his moves are strategic and his branding is strong: from “Slizzy” to “Agyal” and of course his iconic producer tag “And this beat from Cash not from Youtube.” As the chief exporter of the infectious Sexy Drill sound on both sides of the boards, Cash Cobain is developing into a serious force to be reckoned with as one of the most exciting new artist-producers in the game. There’s a reason that everyone from Yachty to LUCKI to Frank Ocean to Drake have already tapped in. If you haven’t caught on yet there’s still time.

While there’s no date yet for Pretty Girls Love Slizzy, there’s no doubt NYC’s slizziest sample god has plenty more surprises planned for his upcoming official debut. 

Watch Cash Cobain’s “Slizzy Talk” below!

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