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Kid Cudi releases ‘Stars In The Sky’ single for ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ soundtrack

Although Kid Cudi has either announced or come out with multiple projects pertaining to his film career thus far in 2022, he has not done much in terms of dropping music. Whether it be his first acting go with X on March 18, or working on two upcoming movies in September 17 and Teddy, Cudi’s entertainment aspirations nearly sidelined his music career.

However, on the same night that his “Want It Bad” collaboration with Nigo landed on the I Know Nigo album, Kid Cudi released a song of his own. “Stars In The Sky” by Kid Cudi came out of March 25, as the lead single for the upcoming April 8 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie.

The track sounds as if it will play during a joyful climax of the animated film, or cap off a happy ending, with Cudi’s exuberant and harmonious singing creating a fun atmosphere. Produced by Lil Nas X and his close collaborators Take A Daytrip, the vibrant pop drums command the energy of the charming bop.

Sung lyrics by Cudi show him being inspired and motivated, feeling on top of the world.

Yes, I feel it’s my time, watch me glow

Livin’ in the dream lights, in the zone (Zone)

Yeah, this world is all mine, come see what you’ll find, right

Goin’ for it

I’m out, I’m rollin’ ’til the stars in the sky, babe, I’m home

In the city

I’m out, I’m rollin’ ’til the stars in the sky, babe, I’m home

“Stars In The Sky” — Kid Cudi

The visuals for “Stars In The Sky” depict Cudi ditching his recording sessions to insert himself into the world of Sonic the Hedgehog, playing as himself in the video game following Sonic around.

This new song is a cute way of easing Cudi into the act of releasing solo music in the new year, as he plans to drop two different albums at some point in 2022.

Check out “Stars In The Sky” by Kid Cudi below!