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Cash Cobain shows us why ‘Pretty Girls Love Slizzy’ with his official debut

When it comes to Cash Cobain there’s only one rule: It has to be sexy. The “slizziest” artist-producer in the game made his official debut, proving once and for all that Pretty Girls Love Slizzy (Sept. 13).

A trailblazer on both sides of the boards, over the last few years the truly one-of-a-kind Cobain has elevated from NYC’s best-kept-secret into one of the most quietly influential rising stars in the game (recently named one of Rolling Stone’s ’50 Innovators Shaping Rap’s Next 50 Years). His signature sample-driven production and infectious presence on the mic have sparked a full-blown NYC subgenre (affectionately known as Sexy Drill) and has captured the attention of the most important tastemakers from the underground to the mainstream.

Whether he’s putting the fun back in Drill or bringing the sauce back to sampling, the Slizzy god marches to the beat of his own punchy 808 drums. And when listening to Pretty Girls Love Slizzy remember, these beats are from Cash not from Youtube

Cash may have started as an edgy and closely guarded underground phenom, but Pretty Girls Love Slizzy sounds like a cohesive and highly polished project ready for primetime. From the opening “intro” skit to the closing prayer to the “Slizzy Gods,” the impeccably mixed production, carefully curated flow between songs and strong themes carried throughout evoke the fully-baked feel of an album from a bygone era. 

Another important note is that Pretty Girls Love Slizzy is an entirely hometeam production. Fully produced by Cash himself, with the exception of “MESSY” produced by friend-of-the-Slizzys MCVERTT (of Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock”), the whole project is “Not From Youtube.” As for features, you’ll find nothing but Slizzys with the only two features coming from right hand man Chow Lee and FLEE, a close collaborator of Cash’s quickly rising through the ranks of the Sexy Drill universe. 

While there is certainly a steady flow of the raunchy punchlines and bold sexual advances that define the sound on prototypical Sexy Drill tracks like “Slizzy Dialogue,” “Send The Addy” and “Not No Xanax 2” with Chow Lee, with this project Cash really expands the possibilities of the sexy subgenre he helped pioneer. 

For example, the early standout “Clocking U” is one of the most tenderhearted looks at Cash yet that just might bring a tear to your eye if you find yourself alone in the club past “1 o’clock, 2 o’clock.” Over swelling synths and a slower-than-usual tempo, he perfectly marries his autotune-crooning and slick bars as he spins the block uncharacteristically looking for actual love… instead of someone to take to Chow’s vacant crib. Other early fan favorites emerging are “Took A While,” “Fire” and “Nice and Slow,” all of which feel like classic Cobain tracks but not quite like anything we’ve heard in his catalog before.

Reminding us that he’s the true Sample God, Cash secured an utterly ungettable Jai Paul sample for “Rump” with Chow Lee,  one of the lead singles for the project accompanied by a Belly-themed music video. And with the rest of the singles really hammering home the Slizzy theme with “Slizzy Talk” and “Slizzy Gods.” 

Cash has been a quietly influential character for years, shaping the current soundscape of cool kids across the country with his innovative production as a key force in the proliferation of popular sounds including Sample Drill, Jersey Club and frankly the general resurgence of fun-first hip hop across the board. 

Already GOATed behind the boards, his first major label release marks his official arrival as one of the hottest new artists in the game – which officially makes him one of the most exciting new dual-threats of our time. And with all his success (and a long list of insane rumored collabs on the way) still it somehow feels like just the beginning for Cash Cobain. 

Listen to Cash Cobain’s ‘Pretty Girls Love Slizzy’ below

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