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October 2022, Week 4

Last week we were blessed with an unexpected picture of one of the best and most unlikely matchups. LUCKI often refers to Babyface Ray as one of his favorite artists, and it’s always a treat when they linkup, but this time they were joined by the always hilarious “Detroit Urban Survival Training” guy – known for educating (and entertaining) Face’s home city with his many viral videos depicting questionable self-defense tactics.

To accompany the viral moment, Babyface Ray dropped a new single “Nice Guy.” It comes with a cinematic short film reflecting his newfound role as a Motor City kingpin, and a warning that he’s running low on favors as he steps into his superstar status and collects his flowers for helping to export the addicting Detroit sound to the masses.

On the same day, he dropped a new collab with fellow Detroit big dog, Icewear Vezzo. A tribute to the 6 Mile section of the city, “God Bless the 6” is just the latest linkup between the two, from “6 Mile Show” off Face’s debut album to classic collabs like “Champions,” “The Sit Down” and “Meg the Stallion.”

In another unexpected linkup, NBA Youngboy dropped his new project this week while ringing in a brand new mega deal with Motown Music. The project contained just two features, one from Nicki Minaj and the other from the unstoppable new wave boogeyman, Yeat. Despite their very different styles, the two young cultural behemoths come together on “I Don’t Text Back” for an interesting and suprisinigly cohesive collab. 

From the west coast, even after his tragic passing last year Drakeo the Ruler continues to Keep the Truth Alive as songs like “Hang with the Opps” off his recent posthumous album hit just as hard as ever. While he’s no longer here, his legacy is strong and can be felt in the growing taste around the game for the unique brand of understated, barely awake gangster rap he helped popularize. 

Heembeezy is one such new artist making the most of the chilled-out gangster rap genre. A fresh face out of LA, Heembeezy has found his stride combining his unmistakable LA-native energy with an understated Detroit-type swag with his breakout single “Face no Book” earlier this year, and again this month with “Super XXL.”

Bino Rideaux is another LA artist making the West Coast to Midwest connection this week, linking with Cleveland, OH’s Doe Boy on their calm new collab, “Dead Faces.” At this point its seems clear that whether its melodic or gangster rap (or both like Bino), understated is in. 

From the east coast, Sexy Drill continues to make its mark on the NYC soundscape as 2219 Lee and Cash Cobain dropped their calm, club-ready collaboration, “Slizzy Bop.” 

Big Yaya and Big GLTAOW dropped a joint project this week, flexing the distinct scam-friendly sound of The Yellow Tape Boyz across 21-songs with features from fellow members Shawny Binladen, Four50, Melly Migo and Dee Aura. 

Brooklyn’s young, babyface phenom Melvoni also dropped a new project this week This Is Not a Drill, scoring a big feature from 21 Savage on early standout “Counting Sheep.”

There were also a ton of interesting releases from the new wave this week, the rising class young stars emerging from the Soundcloud underground (which is really not so underground anymore). 

SoFaygo has long been considered one of the faces of the new wave as one of the first of this era to pop off and secure a major deal. After a long wait and a ton of hype, it looks like his debut album Pink Heartz is finally approaching – preceded by singles “Fasho” and Ken Carson collab “Hell Yeah”

Dom Corleo is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new names of the new wave. While he’s been bubbling below the surface for the past few years, tapping in with some of the most important behind-the-scenes players and producers, he really began to hit his stride in recent months with his fresh approach to the sounds of the underground on popular singles “Penthouse Shordy,” “Ginseng” and again this week with his new single “Bloody Runtz.”

Grammy-winning KayCyy is looking to start a new post-Donda chapter, signaling the start of what he calls KaySzn ahead of his own long-awaited debut album Who is KayCyy? with a new single “Breaking Point.”

From the DMV, Xlovclo dropped “Back2Earth” this week, a new single showcasing her unique, refreshingly soulful style as she continues to capitalize on the viral success of her breakout single “WTF” – following notable linkups with fellow DMV-native new wavers like Kashdami and Yvngxchris.  Also from the DMV, TopHillFreddo is looking more and more like a “Genius” as he continues to double down on his signature produced-by-Fish sound while gearing up to drop his new project this fall. 

Wolfacejoeyy is also doubling down on his own signature sound, leaning into the winning combination of his gentle melodic vocal and bouncy club beats on his new single “nobody else.”

And finally, Rich Amiri continues to impress with unique vocal and versatile approach, dropping his new slow Steve Lacy-esque single “Keep All That” by popular demand after racking up streams on its unofficial Soundcloud release. 

Takeaways from this week: understated is the new overstated. Bouncy dance music is having a moment. And we’re beginning to see why they call it the new wave, because new artists like Dom Corleo, Wolfacejoeyy and Xlovclo continue to enter the fold, evolving the underground and introducing fresh new sounds to the mix. 

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